Mulch Worx mulch dye restores old faded mulch to a beautiful, freshly landscaped appearance.  Mulch Worx adds instant curb appeal to any home or business.  Mulch Worx is a commercial grade, professional pigment intended for a longer lasting, beautiful result.  Do not allow over-spray to dry on undesired areas.  Rinse as soon as possible.

  • Available in three different colors: Brown, Black and Red
  • Comes in quart bottle.  One bottle treats approximately 2,800 square feet 
  • Mix 2-5 oz of concentrate per gallon of water in pump type sprayer
  • Safe for all pets, plants and humans 


MulchWorx Brown/Red/Black Mulch Color Concentrate - 2,800 Sq. Ft. - Rich Dark Brown/Red/Black Mulch Dye Spray

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